Skills you'll gain

  • Learn how to solve computer vision problems using deep learning

  • Learn how to leverage the power of Tensorflow 2 and Google Cloud Platform

  • Learn how to train and evaluate deep learning models for compute vision

  • Learn how to train and deploy image classification deep learning models

  • Learn how to train and evaluate object detection deep learning models

  • Learn how to train image segmenation deep learning models

  • Understand how YOLO, Faster RCNN, SSD and Mask RCNN work

  • Learn how to do the training on your local machine and on the cloud

3 Deep learning projects to add to your portfolio

Project 1
Project 2
Project 3

After finishing this bundle, you will have 3 new deep learning projects to solidify your AI portfolio

Project 1 : you'll train a deep learning model for image classification. Your model will classify 11 different types of food and dishes. You will then deploy your model as a web app using Google Cloud Run and Flask.

Project 2 : you will train and evaluate several deep learning models for object detection such as : Faster RCNN, SSD and YOLOv3. You will train these models to detect whether people are wearing masks or not.

Project 3 : you will train an image segmentation model. This model is called Mask RCNN and it's an instance segmentation model. You will train this model to perform segmentation of different parts of a car (door, lights, hood, ...).

Course instructor

Nour Islam Mokhtari

Machine Learning Engineer & Instructor

I am a machine learning engineer with a focus on computer vision applications. I have 3 years of experience developing and maintaining deep learning pipelines. I worked on several artificial intelligence projects, mostly focused on applying deep learning research to real world industry projects. My goal is to help my students learn and acquire real world and industry focused experience. I aim to build courses that can make your learning experience smooth andĀ focused on the practical aspects of things!

You can find me on LinkedIn


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